Founded in the early seventies by Avvocato Elvio Tamburro, the Law Firm has operated in the area of advice and assistance to companies with reference to fiscal and tax subjects.

Avvocato Luciano Tamburro, current Head of the Firm, has extended the Firm’s areas of competence in further disciplines such as Labour Law, Commercial Law, Industrial Law, Intellectual Property, Patrimonial Assets.

At the same time the Firm has established a network of connections with other professional firms operating in Italy and abroad, in order to provide its clients, also on a territorial basis, with the most effective assistance.

The Firm’s operating philosophy is a global and multidisciplinary approach to the problems outlined by each client, whether individual or corporation, in order to prevent the arising of eventual pathological phases deriving from the client’s activity and, in said eventuality, to find and carry out contrasting and resolving actions, on an extra-judicial or judicial basis.