The firm

Founded in the early seventies by Mr. Elvio Tamburro, the Law Firm has firstly operated in the area of advice and assistance to companies, with special reference to fiscal and tax subjects. Mr. Luciano Tamburro, current Head of the Firm, has extended the Firm’s areas of competence in further disciplines such as Labour Law, Commercial Law, Industrial Law, Intellectual Property, Patrimonial Assets, EU Law and the ECHR System. Today, the firm is based in Rome, Via Monte Zebio 32; it also has an office in Milan, Via Pompeo Litta 7. Mr. Luciano Tamburro is currently the Scientific Coordinator of Rome Bar Association’s Commission for Labour Law . Other Lawyers belonging to the Firm are members of the Bar of Rome Scientific Commissions. Many professionals collaborate with Employment Law teachers at "La Sapienza" and "Tor Vergata" Universities,  as PhD students or experts on the subject. The Firm provides services towards companies, enterprises, public institutions and private people, individuals and corporations, offering legal advice and assistance in extrajudicial matters, as well as in-court and arbitration proceedings services, in the following areas:  Employment and Labour Law; Commercial and Corporate Law, Industrial Law and Intellectual Property, Bankruptcy, Banking and Finance Law, International contracts, Privacy, Human Resources management and, through its in- house consultant, Prof. Silvano Piccininno, Social security Law (pensions, insurance and  supplementary pensions). To provide a better service to its Clients, the Firm has established links with other professional Firms operating abroad (USA - France - Spain - Switzerland - Eastern Europe - Latin America - Egypt). The philosophy of action of the Firm is a global and multidisciplinary approach to the problems outlined by each client. The highest level of privacy is assured. The Firm constantly organizes conferences and seminars concerning the most relevant legal issues, in cooperation with the main lawyer’s organizations. The Firm works in collaboration with the CNR, the University of Rome and with associations such as Athena, AGIFOR, AIDP(Italian Association for Personnel Management), AIASU (International Association for the Application of the Human Sciences), CISEG (Italian Centre studies Economic Law), APROM (Association for the Promotion of the Southern regions), Associazione degli Avvocati Romani.
Sede Roma - Esterno Via monte Zebio, 32
Sede Roma - Interno Via monte Zebio, 32